Welcome to Jacob Fine Art inc. 

Jacob Fine Art, inc. (JFAi) is an internationally recognized fine art research and consultation firm with integrity and proficiency regarding issues of connoisseurship, provenance and art title, questions of authenticity, legal dispute and valuation. 

JFAi is a seasoned professional art consultancy with comprehensive knowledge of how the art market operates, and how individual and corporate art collections are protected, researched, and documented.  We have extensive experience valuing prominent institutional and private collections, installations, and artists’ estates; JFAi also provides services pertaining to stolen, fraudulent, and disputed art, provenance research, expert consulting, and witness testimony. 

In addition to a strong knowledge base in nineteenth through twenty-first century American and European fine art, JFAi has a focused expertise in African-American art, contemporary art, and photography.  In areas that are outside of our immediate knowledge base, we are allied with a consortium of foremost specialists that provide expertise. 

We believe every collection is precious, large or small, and our staff is committed to a level of professionalism that warrants your confidence. JFAi is uniquely positioned to evaluate the many factors that affect the future of works of art, such as attribution, issues of provenance, exhibition history, dating, subject matter, historical significance, and condition to advise accordingly.

We hope that our website will provide you with the introductory information necessary to move your project forward. Though we have included many details on the business within these pages, no website can substitute for a personal conversation. We invite you to call us for an individualized consultation.

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