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A seasoned professional art consultancy with comprehensive knowledge of how the art market operates and how individual and corporate art collections are built, protected, researched and documented.  Whether you are a new or experienced collector, we are glad to assist you with building and maintaining your collection.

JFA has extensive experience appraising large collections and artists’ estates. We also provide services pertaining to stolen, fraudulent and disputed art, provenance research, and expert consulting and witness testimony.

In addition to a strong knowledge base in nineteenth through twenty-first century American and European fine art, JFA has extensive experience in the areas of African-American art and photography.

We hope that our website will provide you with the introductory information necessary to move your art project forward. Though we have included many details on the business within these pages, no website can substitute for a personal conversation. We invite you to call us for an individualized consultation.


  1. BulletEdvard Munch’s Scream sold for a record-breaking $120 million at Sotheby’s New York’s Modern and Impressionism evening sale on May 2nd. Likewise, an unprecedented crowd of more than 5200 individuals queued to view the work during the sale’s preview. The May Modern and Impressionism sales at both Sotheby’s and Christie’s broke overall and individual artist price records across the board; with Sotheby’s sale achieving a total of $330.5 million, and Christie’s Post-War and Contemporary sale brought in 3$88.5 million, both breaking records in their respective sale categories. (IMAGE: AFP/GETTY)

  1. BulletFebruary 2012: Jane was presented an award for Teaching Excellence by the NYU School of Continuing Studies.

  1. BulletJane will be teaching a new course, Using Comparables in Appraisal Practice, at NYU for the Appraisal Studies program June 29th and 30th.


“Working with Jane Jacob was a joy. Smart, efficient, and savvy.”

Scott Hodes

Senior Counsel

Bryan Cave LLP

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